Through delicate piano and soft heartfelt vocals, Houston’s music is that which inspires and changes your heart in a way that is unexpected. His lyrics cause you to hope for things forgotten and believe the truths you know you should.

“I remember going to a Britt Nicole concert when I was 16 years old. During the show she would randomly go and pray for people in the crowd in musical breaks of her songs and the band would just play music as she prayed. It was so powerful and I felt the honesty behind her music.”

Honesty is what is heard loudest in Houston’s music. He writes from the questions he has, many times that’s how he processes through things. He wants to inspire people and point them to Jesus through music. “Music is so powerful, and I believe God can use it in so many ways to glorify His name and gently draw hurting people into His love and grace.”

Houston is a graduate of Ocean’s Edge School of Worship, and has recently released his first debut EP called “SPEAK”. “I want to be authentic and real. I want people to be able to relate to me, to see my struggles and questions but also see the hope and love God gives me, and know that they can have that same hope in their lives.” Houston hopes that his music will make people stop in their tracks. That it’s a breath of fresh air, a reminder of God’s goodness, and his love.

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